Asking for Your Help

I have not published a blog post in almost two years. I offer my sincerest apologies to those of you who have missed it. I am not finished with it and you will see new posts this year, as well as updated ones from the past. That is my promise to you.

However, at the moment I find myself with yet one more huge hurdle to cross. I have not published blog posts or newsletters for just about two years. Why? The past two years have just about brought me to my knees. The pandemic triggered childhood trauma in a way that I still don’t understand. In addition, I dealt with a string of misfortunes that left me without energy for much else. The last was a cancer diagnosis that required two surgeries. And, now I am forced to relocate because my landlord has other plans for my home.

I offer this explanation because I know that I am not alone in having had a very rough time during this pandemic. It has changed life for us all, some more profoundly than others.

I have looked for a place to live in Oregon and my desire for a small place where I might keep a few parrots was quickly met with harsh reality. The most affordable place I found was a 500 sq. ft. studio apartment in a run-down building for $900 with a “no pets” decree. Insane.

I have made the rather bold decision to move to Indiana. I’ve always lived on the West Coast, but the cost of living is impossible now. I have loving friends in Indiana, so now I just have to figure out how to get myself there. I will be 69 years old in May and the thought of moving my household across the country is a daunting proposition.

I’m afraid that I must ask for your help. I do not have the resources to get there. Thus, I have set up a GoFundMe campaign. This is the link to contribute if you are moved to do so.

I want my readers to know that the past two years have not been those of wasted effort. They gave me a chance to pause and rethink some fundamental aspects of parrot keeping and you will hear about these this year in new posts. I have come to some conclusions that have not to date been discussed in the “parrot world.”

Relocation will require that I place some of my 10 parrots. This task is one that I can barely confront, but I know that there are great homes out there and have decided to just do the footwork and remain unattached to the outcome. I will be writing more about the parrots who need new homes in my newsletter.

I hope that you will support me in making this move. Please help.

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Pamela Clark, CPBC

I am an IAABC Certified parrot behavior consultant who successfully helps parrot owners to resolve behavior problems and train their parrots. I also help determine the best diet, social and physical environments to help that individual parrot flourish.

14 thoughts on “Asking for Your Help”

  1. I’m so so sorry to hear this but I knew it was coming because of the conversation we had last year, not an easy task in so many ways,
    I plan on donating just wish it was a lot more!

  2. So sorry to hear about this troublesome time for you. I was trying to donate but the link seems to be broken?

  3. Dear Pam, I am so happy to hear from you, at the same time I am very sorry about what you’ve been through,. Thank you for all your help, knowledge and support you’ve been given to me and Casper. Wishing you health and the best for 2022.
    Love: Eva

  4. Pamela, I am truly sorry you are going through this situation, sending strong healing energies your way, our prayers are with you: you are a very special person! I will connect with your link now.

  5. I am so sorry, Pam – moving is tough at any age. And, this year has been extraordinarily draining. I will definitely support. Also, we would be more than glad to help if you need a place for any of your wonderful birds to stay for a month or two while you get settled. Or longer. We spend summers in Ohio with family, so Indiana is just a quick drive from a Texan’s perspective.

    1. Lisa,

      How incredibly kind of you! I appreciate all of the support you have offered. (You’ll be hearing from me later today also.) I don’t think that I will need temporary housing for any of the parrots, but I do appreciate the offer and I will bear it in mind if things change.

      Thank you very much, Lisa.


  6. Pam, welcome to Indiana, I’ve lived here all my life. I just found your blog today , while searching for advise about introducing a parrot into a new environment.
    I’m sending good karma, thoughts and prayers your way as you continue to recover from the pass couple of years and move forward with your “ new environment “.

    1. Dear Cindy,

      What a wonderful message to receive. Thank you so much for the welcome. I’m still in Oregon at this point but very much looking forward to arriving in Indiana. I think I will like it there. Thank you for all the kind thoughts.

      Did you find the blog post about introducing a new parrot? I do have one:)

      Warm regards,


  7. Hi Pam,
    I have reading and implementing your advice for s while now, but just found the link to your blog… subscribed to your newsletter as well.
    I am just wondering if you have made the move to Indiana, as this thread just kind of died.

    1. Hello Nancy,

      You are correct. I have not been publishing blogs or newsletters for many months now. I will be leaving for Indiana on 8/26. Once there, my writings will resume. I appreciate your interest and the fact that you took the time to write to me. Let’s talk in the future. Pam

    2. Hello Nancy,

      Thanks for writing. The movers will be coming on the 22nd and I leave for Indiana on the 26th. I will arrive there and will be back to work by September 7. I will resume writing at that time. I just can’t manage everything:) I hope you understand.


  8. Hi Pam,

    I am very new to your blog, having just found you this morning and I reached out to you about my Eclectus and her screaming issues after 20 years of a calm, peaceable relationship. When I confirmed my subscription with you this afternoon, I decided to “old-school bookmark” your blog outside of Facebook, and it brought me to the news of your personal dilemma with having to relocate after being evicted by your landlord who has other plans for your home.
    How all this rings so true with me! I, too, am going through the exact same scenario…and have to relocate after living on this rented, old, naturally beautiful (but tired) farm for the past 18 years. Just received this notice to leave, about a month ago. To live in such peace and with many wonderful pet farm birds (geese, turkeys, ducks, chickens) as well as rescued parrots has been a blessing for me and for my avian companions, but now the stress and inability to find anything affordable and pet friendly is my sad reality. I have had to rehome all of my beloved, hand raised and now well-aged barnyard birds, and at this point am so far not be able to find anything suitable for me to live with my indoor parrots.
    I know exactly what you are feeling and how hard the challenge ahead will be. I hope you were able to move many of your birds with you to Indiana, and that you are all settling in, little by little, with increased positivity and strength each day. My deepest regards for your inner peace and healing from the past, and many blessings with a lighter journeying going forward.
    Be well, and with new found joy. Looking forward to following along with you, learning much from your beautiful wisdom and experience.

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